January 20, 2022

A Brief Overview Of The Korean New Year Celebration

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A Brief Overview Of The Korean New Year Celebration

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Korean New Year is held in the first week of January and is considered to be the largest festival. It is a time for celebration and tradition in the Korean culture. The festival celebrates the miraculous birth of the moon goddess, the sun and the spirits and brings joy and happiness to the people of the Korean race and nation. This article will introduce you to some of the new Korean fashion trends that are taking place this year.


The first trend that takes place is of course the dress code. Traditionally, it was very simple that ladies would wear long, simple gowns with silk or satin ribbons on them and men would wear their best hunting attire. But times have changed and now the Korean people dress in more elegant and elaborate clothes. Although they still like to wear their most colorful kimonos, it has become a little out of the common norm.


Korea is very closely identified with their Baekgyong Festival which happens on the first day of January. This is a national event where people and tourists participate by sporting colorful and vibrant colors. This festival originated as a way to celebrate the birth of Buddha. The color of the cloth used for the ceremony was originally black but eventually became bright red and gold. The reason for the change of color is believed to bring blessings for the new year.


New Year’s Day is another big event in the Korean culture and it is also known as the New Year’s Rose. Unlike the traditional Chinese spring festival, the New Year’s Rose is much bigger in Korean culture. This day is filled with grandeur and glamour. In addition, there are many other elaborate ceremonies that take place around the country during this time. Many tourists visit the country just to enjoy the festivities and take part in the exciting atmosphere.


There are many different types of celebrations for the New Year. The most traditional one is of course the New Year’s Celebration, which is filled with tons of beautiful and luxurious buildings, fireworks and food. In fact, you would be amazed at how much food and drink is consumed on this occasion! Other than that, there are also other cultural performances and theatrical shows which take place.


On the other hand, there are also other less common activities that you can participate in during the Korean New Year such as cycling and trekking. You might also like to spend the day at the spa where you can pamper yourself with exotic massage treatments. If you are still in Seoul, then you should go to the Korean Church where you can participate in the traditional singing and dancing routines of the New Year. Some of the best places where you can participate include Gangbuk Korean Grand Palace, Jamsil Club, Inarhong, Baekdudaegan, Sang Won Cho and many more.


One of the highlights of the New Year’s Celebration is when the doors to the houses open and people from all around the nation flood in. You will see hundreds of buses and boats with different colors of flags traveling down the main street of the city. The music and dance are very exciting and people will definitely have fun on this beautiful occasion. One of the most popular events is the ever-popular “Red Carpet Shopping”. All shops in the city have red carpet walkways outside of them which you can use to get an amazing view of the colorful celebrations. This is also the time when the “gillee” girl audition takes place and the lucky winner gets a gold-colored carpet to throw down on the stage.


As you can see, New Year’s Celebration is a very important event for Koreans and tourists alike. Some tourists even take this day to have a break and go to the beaches. Many foreigners visit Seoul for the first time and spend their day watching the New Year’s Celebration. There are plenty of hotels in the area and they are very easy to reach. Most of them are right next to the beaches and you will have no trouble staying in one of them throughout the day. The hotels in Seoul offer excellent amenities so you won’t have to worry about anything once you get there.

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