All About New Fashion Nail Polish


All About New Fashion Nail Polish

Nail polish is a modern invention that has become a craze in the recent past. Nowadays, it has become fashionable for every woman to wear nail polish of some sort. Some women like to have the bare polish or gel applied to their nails while others like to apply the artificial nail polish that glitters and feels like a real nail polish. Regardless of what kind of artificial nail polish a woman chooses to wear, it is always best to choose one that matches her skin tone as closely as possible. Many people believe that artificial nail polish does not come in colors that match natural skin tones as closely as natural skin tones do but this is simply not true.

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If you have dark skin, then it is advised that you avoid buying artificial nail polish that has a very pale finish. These kinds of artificial nails polish often cause burning sensations on your skin if you happen to touch them. On the other hand, if you have fair skin, then it is recommended that you go for the lighter shades of nail polish. The lightest shades are not only nice to have but they also come in a wider variety of colors. You will be able to find a nail polish color that perfectly complements your natural nail color and at the same time you will be able to get away with applying a little bit more nail polish to your nails to bring out the look you want to achieve.


When you go to a salon to get your new fashion nail polish, it is important that you ask the professional stylist which type of artificial nail polish will work best with your skin tone. It is advisable that you wear synthetic nails during the day when you are in a more casual setting and then get an acrylic at night when you step into the formal setting. It is also good if you apply a little bit of fake nail glue before you apply the actual artificial nail polish. This will help you make sure that the glue sticks better to your nails and will help you to apply the nail polish without any issues. It is also good if you apply a small amount of water based acrylic top coat on the nails before applying the fake polish so that it stays on all the way through the day.


Some women love to get their nails done every month so when they go to get their nails done, they will usually pick a few different colors for their nails. Most of the new fashion nail polishes offer many different colors and designs to choose from. If you go to a salon, you can ask the stylist that particular polish colors will look best with your skin tone and which particular design will flatter your nails best.


When you pick a polish color, remember that it will depend upon which part of your nails you are going to paint as well as how many coats you want to put on. Most manicure polishes usually do not last for more than two weeks and you may have to change your nail polish depending upon which season it is. For example, a polish color that looks great on Spring may not look so good on Summer. The polish on your nails should blend nicely with the skin on your hands and also with any other accessories you wear with your nails. If you are wearing gloves or other such accessories, the polish color will tend to rub off. If your nails look too bright, then it may be a good idea to go in for a darker shade of nail polish.


One of the new fashion nail polishes available right now is called glittering nail polish and it is especially designed for those who enjoy having beautiful nails. Glitter polish makes your nails look like they are made of gold or glitter when you walk down the street. You can get this particular polish in various colors, such as light yellow, pink, purple, and light blue. You can use a brush to apply this particular polish on your nails so that it looks as if you are walking on a sea of glitter when you take a walk in the neighborhood.


This new fashion nail polish comes with a little tip that helps you remove the polish easily. You just need to brush some of it on the tips of your nails and then rinse them with water. Make sure that you allow your nails to air dry before you apply the rest of the polish on them. Once you have applied this new polish on your nails, you will find that they look even more shiny and attractive than they did before. If you keep applying this polish on your nails, you can ensure that you do not go away from looking pretty.


Some women do not care about their nails and do not spend even a moment on them, but if you are one of these people, then you should be very happy to learn that now you can change your attitude about your nails by using the new polish on your nails. The reason why this polish has become popular is that many celebrities are spotted wearing nail varnish. Therefore, you can easily become one of the celebrities when you apply this new nail varnish on your nails. In fact, you will also find that your nails will look very attractive when you have this polish on them.


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