Custom Printed T-Shirts and Other Clothing

If you are considering buying custom printed garments using the internet, t-shirt printing Singapore services could be the answer. You can find great quality printing and service and as well as choosing customized printed shirts you might consider other garment options. Whether for a stag do, family BBQ or for company promotional purposes. There is so much you can do online and there are things you can do to make sure you only use trusted printing services.

Easy to order process

A lot of online t-shirt printing businesses offer easy-to-use functional sites where you choose the type of garment you want, the colors you want, the style and then choose printing options, images, slogans and such. You can then review your choices and design and make changes if you need to or add them to your order and go to the processing page. It is very simple, and the more often you do it, the easier and faster it gets. Also, keep in mind that many places will offer discounts on the price you pay per garment if you are ordering larger amounts. This is a great thing for businesses and organizations. With expert services, you can be sure the print and stitching if you choose embroidery are of high standards and it comes in great condition.

Advances in printing technology

Over recent years there has been a huge growth in technology in the industry making it even more likely you can get high-quality tshirt printing Singapore and beyond. While screen printing has been around for thousands of years it has changed and improved over this time. Then there are also other printing options like DTG printing, vinyl printing or heat press printing. Each suits different purposes, come with different advantages and are different prices but the developments mean customers can really get something professional looking for the purpose they have.

Embroidery for further customization

Another interesting option that some t-shirt printing Singapore companies offer is embroidery. This is most often done by technology not by hand ensuring everyone gets stitching done to the highest of standards. It gives you another layer of customization options that can really be used on any garment, hats, shirts, bags and more. You can have printing as well as embroidery on them but consider carefully what you want to be stitched as embroidery does cost more and you pay per stitch so the more you want in the design the more you pay. It depends on what you need a printed t-shirt for, perhaps a one-off shirt for a party is not the time for stitching, but creating team shirts, employee uniforms or something as a gift would!


When you are considering getting custom-printed clothing or other items for whatever purpose you should look for printers with experience who have happy clients! There are a lot of options and things you can do with tshirt printing Singapore just let your imagination go wild! Ordering online makes it easy and quick so you can soon get just what you were looking for.