From Your Wrist to The Market: A Guide to Selling Your Luxury Watch

So you’ve decided to part ways with that fancy watch on your wrist. You may have received it as a present years ago and never really bonded with it. Or your tastes have changed, and it no longer suits your style. Whatever the reason, selling you luxury watch can be a great way to make cash. But where do you start? How do you put a fair asking price? And how do you find a buyer who will pay top dollar? The following guide will explain the process, from polishing your watch to closing the deal. By the time you finish reading, that watch will be off your wrist, and the money will be in your pocket. Let’s get started!

Determine the Value of Your Luxury Watch

So you’ve decided it’s time to sell your luxury watch. The first step is determining how much it’s worth. Do some research on your specific watch model. Check recent sales of comparable watches on sites like Chrono24, eBay, and luxury watch forums to see what they’re going for. Look for watches in a similar condition that sold recently.

Next, consider the condition and features of your timepiece. Is it vintage or discontinued? Rare or limited edition? Mint condition or need servicing? Box and papers included? All these factors significantly impact value. Get an official written estimate of the watch’s condition and an appraisal of its market value from an authorized dealer or watchmaker. Also, think about current market trends. For example, some brands and models are hot, driving prices up, while others may have softened. And, of course, economic factors like inflation and the strength of the luxury market overall come into play.

Once you determine a realistic range for your watch’s value based on these variables, you’ll be in an excellent position to confidently set an asking price, negotiate the best deal, and make a sale you’ll be happy with. Your upfront effort will be worth it when your luxury watch finds a new home.

Prepare Your Luxury Watch for Sale

Has an authorized dealer serviced it? They will inspect, test, and certify that your watch is keeping accurate time and all components are in working order. This official certification and service records will give buyers confidence in their investment.  Polish and buff away any scratches or scuffs on the case and bracelet. Even minor cosmetic flaws can lower offers, so take the time to make your watch shine like new. Replace worn or damaged parts like straps, bezels or crowns. When selling high-end watches, little details matter, so swap out anything that looks aged or is not functioning correctly.

Take high-quality photos of your watch from multiple angles. Include close-ups of any distinguishing marks or custom engravings. Professional photos will make listings more appealing, and help buyers fully appreciate the condition and details of your timepiece. Price your watch competitively based on completed listings for comparable models in the same condition. Check reputable resellers to determine an asking price in the current market that will generate interest from serious buyers.

Options for Selling Your Luxury Watch Online

Online Marketplaces

Marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are a few popular places to sell luxury watches online. These platforms have large audiences of luxury watch buyers actively looking for used luxury items. You can create a listing for your watch on the marketplace of your choice for a flat fee or commission on the final selling price. Be sure to take high-quality photos, provide a detailed description of the watch’s condition and specifications, and set a competitive price based on the current market.


Many websites offer consignment services for luxury watches, where they handle your listing and selling process. Sites like Crown & Caliber, WatchBox, and Bob’s Watches specialize in pre-owned luxury timepieces. They authenticate and appraise your watch, then list it for sale on their site and market it to their customers. Once it sells, they take a percentage of the proceeds as a commission and send you the rest. Consignment is convenient, but the commission fees are typically higher than if you sell the watch yourself.

Private Buyers

You can find private buyers for your luxury watch through watch-collecting forums, Facebook groups, and Reddit communities. Post about your watch for sale, following the platform’s rules. Serious buyers may contact you to negotiate a price. Be extremely cautious when dealing with private buyers, as many scams target luxury goods sellers. Only accept wire transfers or cash and complete transactions in person if possible.

Selling a luxury watch on your own requires time and patience. But by choosing a reputable platform, providing details and photos, setting a competitive price, and being wary of scams, you can have a successful sale and get the most for your timepiece. In addition, with the options available, you can find a way to get your watch from your wrist to the market.


So there you go, a guide to selling your luxury watch in NYC for the best price. By researching, setting a competitive price, choosing the right marketplace, taking high-quality photos, writing an engaging listing, and being available to answer questions, you’ve put yourself in a good place to find a serious buyer. Once you have an interested party, thoroughly vet them and only proceed to an in-person transaction when you feel entirely comfortable. With the right approach, you’ll be handing over your beloved timepiece, knowing it’s going to someone who may appreciate it. And just like that, your luxury watch has gone from your wrist to the world, and you’ll have some extra cash for your next big purchase. Not too shabby!