Gertie’s New Fashion Sketchbook Inspires Fashion Designers


Gertie’s New Fashion Sketchbook Inspires Fashion Designers

Gretchen Hirsch, creator of the popular “Gertie” line of fashion-inspired books and accessories, is back with another all-new fashion sketchbook. For her new Gertie’s New Fashion Sketchbook: Fashion Secrets of the Rich and Famous, Gretchen Hirsch partnered with photographer Sun Young Park to re-create classic figure templates – known as croquet – for the 21st century. Gertie and Sun Young are synonymous with high-fashion photography, and their book features a number of their most famous images, including the shots of Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson, Leighton Meester, Elizabeth Hurley, and more. These candid shots are accompanied by an eye-popping color scheme, complete with retro-style colored splashes and rich, textured hues.

gerties new fashion sketchbook


What sets Fashion Scrapbook apart from other fashion-themed or photo books is that each page in the Gertie’s is illustrated with a professional photograph. Rather than displaying photos in large, blown-up size, the pages are organized by a series of small panels. Each panel is a different subject and can either be blank or have a caption to describe what it is. For instance, one panel might have a quote, while another may show a picture of a designer’s favorite outfit. These larger-sized panels are perfect for drawing, and the sketchbook design allows you to browse through as many different outfits as you want.


Along with the oversized photo collages, the new fashion sketchbook gives you an assortment of other features. On each page, you’ll find a special ink, or “tattoo,” which can be used to put a particular outfit together. These specially designed ink colors are fade-resistant, so that they won’t smudge over time. You can also add text to your pages, or you can draw in patterns with the removable sketch pad. This pad can also be used to create special ink designs for embellishing outfits, as well as to simply sketch out different aspects of your body.


But the best part of Gertie’s new fashion sketchbook is probably the “body wave Generator” that she includes with every page. Once you put your clothing on and look at yourself in the mirror, you can quickly and easily determine how you’re going to alter your outfit. If you need to make a change, all you do is wave your arms about and watch the waves go up and down. It’s as if you’re dressing someone completely in the same way as you would if you’d just gone to the mall and purchased an outfit from her new line of Croquis: all your clothes are perfectly matched, and nothing is out of place. This is a fun and useful feature that make the entire process seem more exciting and memorable.


Aside from all of these great features, Gertie has thrown in several bonus pages for extra help, tips, advice, and recommendations on how to sketch your body-positive style the Gertie way. She has taken the time to provide information on creating varying body-stances that look particularly good on certain body types, different body-shapes that complement others, and even a few special tips and tricks on getting those stunningly beautiful abs to display! In this sense, Gertie’s New Fashion Sketchbook serves not only as a clothing guide but also as an instruction manual for all of those little things that, at first glance, might seem like they’re not worth paying much attention to. And you know what?


As you’ll find when you get started using the New Fashion Sketchbook–and I can’t say enough about it! -Gertie has taken all of the information that you know about building muscle mass, working out, stretching, and dieting and applied it specifically to her new fashion sketchbook. That means that you will be able to sketch all of your favorite workout fads in one place. Or, if you’ve got a hard time picturing what these great workout techniques are, then you can always refer to the body image grid to give yourself ideas.


Gertie’s New Fashion Sketchbook gives you tons of ways to get your body Positive. She tells you how to sketch with her pencils, how to mix paint colors to make the most outrageous fashion statements, and how to choose the best body-friendly fabric to work in. All of these ideas are presented in a completely innovative way that helps you get creative and think outside of the box, while still feeling confident that you’ll look fabulous in whatever clothes you put on. And if you’re really serious about building up those muscles and making yourself look slimmer, then you’ll want to follow the advice in the pages of Gertie’s fashion sketchbook to keep yourself on the right track.


Gertie is definitely a good source of inspiration for any fashion designer who wants to go that extra mile to make their clothes stand out from the rest. Her style lines are clear and her advice is easy to follow. Her friendly manner and helpful hints to make following her suggestions easy enough that even beginners can follow her advice and create a successful garment design. With her help, you will be able to create great clothing that not only looks great, but makes you feel fantastic too. And if you don’t have the time or skills to follow her lead, you’ll still get an amazing garment that’s just as unique as you are.


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