January 20, 2022

New Fashion Trends for 2021

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New Fashion Trends for 2021

The blouse is always a mainstay in women’s fashion but new trends are arising for this one piece of clothing. Whether worn with jeans or a skirt, the blouse can be adapted to work with nearly any outfit. This article will explore some of the latest trends in this popular item. New materials, designs and patterns are appearing all the time so keep reading for more insights.

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The blouse is making a comeback after the last fashion recession. With the rise of smaller women and pregnant women, the styles and cuts that were in fashion a few years ago, aren’t quite as popular as they once were. The rise of crochet, knit and brocade gives vintage-inspired women’s clothing a fresh and modern look. These are perfect for the mommies on the go and the stay at home moms who still want to look stylish. Even designers have started to incorporate crochet and knit patterns into their lines.


A new material popping up in the women’s blouse market is silk. Women’s necks and shoulders tend to get very hot and sweaty when they’re doing a lot of activity. Silk is a cool material that allows people to breathe and also stay cool during those hard to keep up workouts. If you love silk and still want to stay cool, opt for a silk chiffon blouse with a good fit. Chiffon has been around for many years but it’s finally gaining in popularity for today’s fitness-conscious women.


Tops are taking to the cotton material that is now becoming a staple in many women’s closets. Tops are made out of light weight cotton that is easy to care for. Cotton is soft and has a natural shine to it that helps it stand up to daily wear and tear. It’s a material that you can feel good about wearing even during the hotter months of the year.


You’ll find a new type of blouse available called the tank top. A tank top basically consists of a sleeveless blouse with a tie dyed tank or shirt underneath. The tie dye really sets this style apart from the other blouses that you’ve worn throughout the seasons. You can easily pull off this look with a pair of shorts or even a dress! The look is extremely flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.


One-shoulder shirts are also making a comeback in women’s fashion. This look usually involves a blouse over a fitted top, usually with padding inside the arms. To add depth to the look, you can add some bling to the arms by wearing bold straps or even some bold colored belts. This look is so versatile that you can even wear a blouse over a bikini in the summer.


Speaking of summer, the new skinny jeans craze is starting to catch on. Skinny jeans usually feature a high waist and are very baggy in the hips. To wear a great skinny jean, you just need to pair it with a great blouse that has some heft to it. Look for a blouse that has some heft to it as well as some contrast material like darker stripes for a little flare.


One trend that will continue to stay on the new style runway are short sleeve shirts. These shirts are usually tight around the arms, but they come down to the wrist in most cases. This look is so trendy right now that you don’t have to do much with it besides change your neckties or perhaps a button down blouse. This women’s clothing trend is so fashionable that you can really get away with almost anything when it comes to looking good in clothing that shows off your figure.

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